The DSDM Agile Project Framework Handbook


DSDM Agile Project Framework Handbook

This DSDM Agile Project Framework Handbook represents the current guidance for DSDM applicable to all roles on a project, whether their interests are focussed on business, solution, management or process. It is intended to be used as a general reference for DSDM, as collateral for accredited training courses and for revision purposes when taking DSDM examinations.

More about the DSDM Agile Project Framework

DSDM is a proven framework for agile project management and delivery, helping to deliver results quickly and effectively and, over the years, has been applied to a wide range of projects - from small software developments all the way up to full-scale business process change.

Although DSDM works easily and effectively on small, simple projects, it has always maintained a strong focus on the corporate project-based environment to provide a “grown-up” approach to agile in the complex corporate world.

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