What is AgilePM® for Scrum?

AgilePM for Scrum certification addresses the growing need for guidance in integrating the renowned AgilePM framework with Scrum, the leading agile product development approach. It offers organizations a flexible, full project lifecycle framework to deliver value in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments across various disciplines, industries, and functions.

With AgilePM for Scrum, you can leverage a lightweight and scalable project approach that builds upon the core principles and practices of Scrum. This enables you to integrate additional project-centric roles, relationships, and practices that align with the principles of effective product delivery while involve a broader range of business and customer stakeholders.

Unlock the potential of AgilePM for Scrum and elevate your Scrum delivery capabilities to new heights.


The Agile Business Consortium has collaborated with APMG International to develop the AgilePM for Scrum certification, and the production of the supporting training course, examination papers and process.

AgilePM for Scrum Foundation

AgilePM for Scrum Foundation

This foundation certification will provide an overview of both AgilePM and Scrum frameworks. In addition to developing an understanding of these established methodologies, it will demonstrate and provide detailed guidance on how they can be combined within this flexible whole-lifecycle approach. AgilePM for Scrum is well suited to general business teams in addition to IT, leading towards true business agility and a more efficient value stream.

To find out more and to book a training course and exam, please view our list of Accredited Delivery Partners (ADPs) or visit the APMG International website. 


AgilePM for Scrum Handbook



AgilePM® for Scrum Handbook

This handbook is intended to support the accredited AgilePM® for Scrum Foundation training course, as well as providing the definitive source for the AgilePM® for Scrum Foundation exams.

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