Agile Digital Services (AgileDS)

An Agile approach to digital service delivery.


What is AgileDS®?

In the fast-paced digital era, organizations strive to deliver exceptional digital services that meet the evolving needs of customers and citizens. AgileDS® training and certification, based on the world-leading UK Government Digital Services framework, equips organizations with the knowledge and skills to achieve digital success.

The AgileDS training and certification and accompanying AgileDS Handbook, published by the Agile Business Consortium, provides practical advice and guidance to establish a consistent approach and foster a skilled workforce in designing and delivering digital services.

With AgileDS, organizations gain the tools and strategies to embrace agility, collaboration, and innovation in their customer-centric digital service development. By leveraging the AgileDS framework, teams can enhance their ability to engage with customers and users of their service from day one of its development to deliver high-quality digital services, and create meaningful experiences for their customers and citizens. Start your AgileDS journey today and embrace the future of digital excellence.




The Agile Business Consortium collaborated with APMG International to develop the AgileDS® handbook, as well as to produce supporting training courses and certifications.




AgileDS® Foundation


Launched in 2019, the AgileDS® Foundation course offers the best of both worlds from the Government Digital Service (GDS) and AgilePM.The Agile Digital Services Foundation course will allow you to understand the key concepts of agile digital services..




AgileDS® Practitioner


The Agile Digital Services Practitioner course provides detailed guidance on applying and tailoring the Agile Digital Services approach to various project scenarios.

To find out more and to book a training course and exam, please visit the APMG International website or view our list of Accredited Delivery Partners (ADPs).





AgileDS® Handbook

The Agile Digital Services Handbook has emerged from our work, bringing together valuable learning from the background and experience both of general agile approaches and that of GDS. It focuses on developing and continuously improving services using agile concepts and techniques.

The handbook will help organisations to develop a consistent agile approach, a common language and a skilled workforce (with appropriate accreditation opportunities) for the successful design and delivery of digital services, whether through evolving improvements or step-change transformations.

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