Business Agility Foundations

Discover how business agility can improve performance, create efficient teams, and benefit your organisation



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Learn the fundamentals of business agility and gain skills for a changing world.

Organisations that embrace business agility are able to quickly adapt, learn, and stay customer-focused.

Agile organisations and teams are more adaptive, creative, and resilient. They work faster, better, and deliver greater value for their stakeholders.

This course has been developed by The Open University in collaboration with the Agile Business Consortium.

You’ll learn from experienced leaders in this field and cover a range of diverse and relevant material.


Course Summary


This course will give you an introduction to business agility principles and how it can deliver better performance and value.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Describe business agility and how to recognise it
  • Understand the culture and characteristics needed to support business agility and identify how they relate to organisations you are familiar with
  • Consider your own business agility journey and think about approaches that might help
  • Explain the key elements of a framework for business agility
  • Understand the importance of a shift in mindset, with a focus on delivering value for stakeholders in an environment of collaboration, innovation, and learning



This training will benefit the following people:

  • Those new to business agility or those with a basic understanding who want to know more about it and how they can develop their own practical business agility for future roles
  • Those struggling to understand how to survive and thrive in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world
  • Those wishing to broaden their skillset and expand their Continuing Professional Development



To get the most from this course:

  • You don’t need any prior knowledge of business agility, but some workplace and/or team-based experience will help you understand the content of the course in the context of a working organisation (of any size, sector, or industry).
  • The course material does not assume that learners are currently working. Past experiences will be just as relevant.




Important information

  • Level: Introductory
  • Duration: Approx 48 hours
  • Price: £200
  • OU Course Code: YG001

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