Digital Edition - DSDM and UX Design Pocketbook


All products have a user experience (UX), i.e. every product has a set of users, each of whom will have a corresponding experience associated with using the product. This user experience can be good and it can be bad, and it goes without saying that the developers of a product will want the experience to be good so that their users will be satisfied, or even delighted.

However, software development has a history of difficulties in adequately incorporating user experience techniques within the development process, despite the fact that there is evidence that suitable user involvement in this process has an impact on system success. Agile software development, and DSDM’s Agile Project Framework, is no different in this respect.

Authors: The Agile Research Network in conjunction with LShift Limited: Helen Sharp and Laura Plonka (The Open University, UK); Peggy Gregory and Katie Taylor (University of Central Lancashire, UK); Mike Rowlands (LShift Limited).

This product is the PDF digital version of the DSDM and UX Design Pocketbook.

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